Build things your way

Please is a cross-language build system with an emphasis on high performance, extensibility and correctness

Why Please?

Build isolation

Build steps are executed in their own tightly controlled hermetic environment. With access only to files and env variables that have been made explicitly available, builds have never been more correct!

Blazing fast

Built from the ground up with incrementality in mind, Please only builds what it needs. Combined with task parallelism and distributed caching, this makes for an amazingly performant build system at scale.

Feels amazing to use

Build and test any target, all with the same familiar CLI! Please can even manage and download your toolchain. Define aliases for common tasks leveraging Please auto-completions for the ultimate developer experience.

For any technology

With a powerful framework for automating every part of your build process, get started quickly with the built-in definitions, then expand on them crafting a truly holistic build process.

Want Please? Get started:

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