Please quickstart

System requirements

Please supports Linux and OSX at the moment. We're internally using Ubuntu Trusty and Yosemite but it should work on other reasonably recent distros.


curl | bash

This will download and install the latest version of Please on your system.

It needs a Python parser to run; it ships with support for CPython (only version 2 for now) and PyPy. On Linux it should automatically attempt to fetch a portable version of PyPy if not available; on OSX you'll need to install it using brew install pypy or similar.
In either case, if you want to use CPython, you'll need cffi installed; pip install cffi>=1.5.0 should take care of it.

Shell completion

Please comes with a completion script for Bash and zsh built-in.

You can produce it by running plz --completion_script. This is handy to add to your .bashrc or .zshrc, for example:

source <(plz --completion_script)

The script will complete subcommands and flags but most relevantly can also complete build labels by reading BUILD files for you.

Getting started

Run plz init at the root of your repo to create the .plzconfig file. There are many options that can be configured in this file but you can worry about them later - the defaults should be fine to begin with.

You will need to write some BUILD files to define how to compile your code. Carry on to Please Basics which will explain more about it.