So what next?

Read the docs

Hopefully you've got a basic idea of how Please works, however Please has a rich set of features. Explore the documentation to find out what else is possible:

Config - A complete list of configuration options available for use in your .plzconfig.

Built in rules & languages - A listing of all the built in rules including those of the core languages Please supports.

Command line interface - Please has a powerful command line interface. It can query changes between branches, setup file watches to re-build code as you work, and more.

Advanced topics & custom rules - Information on more advanced topic including how to extend Please with custom build rules to support any language or technology.

Pleasings - Information on using pleasings: artillery rules outside of the core Please offering.

Add yourself as an adopter

Do you like what you see? If you've started using Please in your project, we'd love to hear about it! Add yourself to the adopters file and let us know what you're building with Please!

Come say hello

The best way to ask questions about please and interact with the growing Please community is through our gitter!

If you have any questions or issues, you can raise them on our github.